about global taekwondo academy

Global Taekwondo is not just another martial arts school or exercise studio. While our classes include all the dynamic and traditional techniques you expect from a martial art, together with practical self-defence skills and fitness training, we offer much more than that. Our aim is to help our students enjoy learning the Art of Taekwondo in a safe environment and develop confidence which we believe is the key to achieving in all areas of life.

. Taekwondo also offers many physical benefits such as increased fitness and flexibility. The mission of the GTA is to represent, promote, and work for the development of the practice of Taekwondo in all countries

Ages range from 5 years to over 50s. The respect, discipline, self-confidence, hand-eye co-ordination and healthy lifestyle that United Taekwondo training promotes, becomes a valuable asset to any student.


coordinating and certifying Taekwon-Do activities such as competitions and seminars

enforcing high quality standards for technical and teaching
Certification for Black Belt holders, international instructors and umpires

Warm up / stretching

Instruction and practice of techniques

Set patterns

Non-contact sparring

Self-defence techniques

Strength and cardio work

Focus mitt training


not just another martial arts school or exercise studio

our team

Rajesh Rawat
Suminder Singh
Gen Sec.
Shiv Ram
Technical Director GTA (Black belt 3rd Dan kukkiwon)
Sidharth Rawat
Gaurav Malhotra
Prem Gotwani
Manager- Event Coordinator